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Urine Laboratory Drug Test Confirmation

Urine Laboratory Drug Test Confirmation

Item Number: DOA-FLUB
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Product Description
Every drug testing professional knows that any preliminary positive urine drug screen must be confirmed by a certified laboratory. A GC/MS or LC/MS confirmation for rapid drug tests is considered to be the "gold standard" in the urine substance abuse testing industry and is nearly 100% accurate. It is our recommendation that you follow these same procedures and send the rapid drug test with preliminary positive result to our laboratory for a full confirmation.
  • Quick turnaround time - 2-3 business days upon receipt of kit
  • Up to 12 common drugs of abuse can be confirmed
  • Easy to prepare package, just follow the instructions
  • Certified laboratory with contemporary equipment
  • We recommend shipping the kit to the lab by FedEx 2 day ground.
    However, you may choose alternate methods. (You pay for it
  • MRO Service available for additional cost
  • Chain of custody form included

Pay attention: When you send urine specimen, please mark in the Chain of Custody form Preliminary Positive Drugs up to 3 drugs, that need to be confirmed. Or your specimen will be rejected!

Below is the list of drugs detectable by this test: Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, MDMA (Ecstasy), Cocaine, Hydrocodone, Benzoylecgonine,Oxycodone, THC, Benzodiazepines, Phencyclidine, Alprazolam, Opiates, Diazepam, Morphine, Methadone, Codeine,6-MAM


  • Please follow the instructions carefully in filing out the Chain of Custody form
  • Dont forget, with our new service THE RAPID TEST MUST BE SEND IN TO THE LAB.
  • Urine specimen you can send as well, but it is not required
  • If any mistakes are made, the laboratory will not be able to perform the test, and we will not held responsible
Our URINE LABORATORY DRUG TEST (this is confirmation test only) for most Common Illegal Drugs and Adulterants could detect in the urine the following illegal substances:
Amphetamine - 1000 ng/ml; Barbiturates - 300 ng/ml; Benzodiazepines - 300 ng/ml; Cocaine - 300 ng/ml; Marijuana - 50 ng/ml; Methadone - 300 ng/ml; Methamphetamine - 1000 ng/ml; Opiates - 300 ng/ml; Oxycodone - 100 ng/ml; Phencyclidine - 25 ng/ml; Propoxyphene - 300 ng/ml; Tricyclic Antidepressant - 1000 ng/ml

The Specimen Preparation Procedure:
1. After you place an order, we will send you a package with all the information needed.
2. For the lab conifmation, send us the rapid test, that was performed and need to be confirmed
3. You can also send a vial with urine, but it is not required.
4. The laboratory will perform tests to confirm the on-site drug screen result..
5. The results of the test could be faxed or emailed to you by request.
6. MRO Service available



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