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Buprenorphine Drug Test Urine Cassette

Buprenorphine Drug Test Urine Cassette

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Product Description
The Buprenorphine drug test will detect use of Suboxone®, Subutex® or Buprenex® (buprenorphine hydrochloride). This drug currently being marketed in the United States for the treatment of opiate addiction. Similar to opiates such as Methadone, Subutex® and Suboxone® are designed as a replacement for injected and snorted opiates such as heroin. Buprenorphine, a derivative of thebaine, provides pain relief and also produces a narcotic high. In fact, Buprenorphine was originally used for pain relief purposes over many years ago.

Subutex® is a brand name for buprenorphine in its pure form. Suboxone® combines buprenorphine with naloxone, an opiate antagonist. Buprenex® or Suboxone® easier to eventually stop using.

Patients typically undergo three phases of treatment with Suboxone® or Buprenex®. They initially stop using opiates for a set period of time. Then they are given varied amounts of Buprenex®, Subutex® or Suboxone® until they are considered “stabilized.” In the withdrawal phase the patient attempts to taper off of Suboxone® or Burprenex®, allowing for reduced withdrawal symptoms. Tapering off of Buprenex® or Suboxone® varies from the patient to patient.

Patients have varying success with buprenorphine treatment. Some return to using their drug of choice after finishing the treatment and turn to non-tapering treatments, such as anesthesia assisted rapid opiate detoxification (AAROD), to rid their body of opiates. Many times patients repeatedly try to taper off opiates such as heroin using a different opiate such as Buprenex® or Methadone. Unfortunately, patients must face detoxification and withdrawal from these drugs as well.



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