>> All Inclusive: Drug and Alcohol Tests

All Inclusive: Drug and Alcohol Tests

Drug and Alcohol tests offered by Meditests.com are highly accurate and cost effective.

There are many different biological specimens that can be collected and screened for illegal drugs of abuse, but only urine is the specimen approved according to Federal regulations of workplace drug testing programs and for private sector programs that use the same standards. Hair follicle drug testing is quickly becoming more popular in some unregulated, private sector programs. This is due to the very high sensitivity and accuracy of the hair follicle drug testing procedure. Hair testing also detects for a longer period of time thus catching a more chronic user than someone who stopped using temporarily to pass the drug test
Saliva (oral fluid) is also gaining in popularity as the drug test kit of choice in many testing programs due to the omission of gender issues.

With any order of 24 or more urine dip drug testing kits (2 or more drug panels) we will include urine collection cups.

Drug Testing Cups
Drug Testing Cups

Saliva Drug Tests
Saliva Drug Tests

Dip Panel Drug Tests
Dip Panel Drug Tests

Drug  Testing Cassettes
Drug Testing Cassettes

Alcohol Test Kits
Alcohol Test Kits

Forensic Test Kits
Forensic Test Kits

QTEST™ Brand Name Test Kits
QTEST™ Brand Name Test Kits

Laboratory Drug Testing (Urine, Saliva or Hair Follicle)
Laboratory Drug Testing (Urine, Saliva or Hair Follicle)

Accessories for drug testing
Accessories for drug testing

Drug testing is a method to minimized component of a anti-drug program because it:
  • Serves as a prevention to sustained use of an illegal drug of abuse substances
  • Provides a means to detect and, thereby, identify employees or job applicants who are using illicit substances
  • Assists employees in recognizing and admitting their abuse problems so that they may obtain necessary treatment

Presently, urine is the only specimen collected for Federally regulated Workplace drug testing programs and for most private sector programs. Urine drug testing in the federally regulated Workplace is currently recognized as the "Gold Standard" because of its proven accuracy, reliability, and fairness. This "Gold Standard" status is based on:
  • Use of Forensic Custody and Control Procedures from specimen collection to the final analytical procedure in the laboratory
  • Exhaustive quality assurance procedures for both the initial and continuing certification of the laboratories in the National Laboratory Certification Program
  • Analytical procedures to ensure no false positive results and minimize false negative results
  • Validity testing
  • Review of laboratory positives by a trained Medical Review Officer (MRO) for alternative explanations and as another quality assurance reviewer of the entire process
  • Procedures to ensure confidentiality of the donor throughout the process including the reporting of results to the employer
In today’s competitive business environment, the need for alcohol and drug testing is fast becoming a necessity. Using employee drug screening for pre-employment and on the job testing guarantees higher productivity, less absenteeism, lower cost health care benefits and less on the job accidents, all of which will save your company thousands of dollars per year.

Drug testing is also a useful tool within the school environment as it acts as a deterrent to substance abuse and creates higher levels of participation and academic achievement. Parents will also greatly benefit with the use of home drug test kits to ensure the health and safety of their children. These can be used easily by any parent who wishes to commit to a family drug use policy within the home and for children with known or suspected substance abuse issues.

All of Medimpex United, Inc.’s drug screening products are guaranteed to deliver only the most accurate and efficient results available on the market today. Urine testing products are the most popularly used drug tests and provide ease of use and quick results. However, saliva drug tests and hair follicle tests are now fast growing in popularity for their accuracy and ease of use as well. Hair tests are a valuable tool due to not only their accuracy but also the ability to detect a history of chronic, ongoing substance abuse that cannot be determined with urine drug testing alone.

Medimpex United, Inc. has a wide variety of drug screen choices to meet your individual needs and preferences, whether you are looking for a hair test, saliva drug test, alcohol tester or a specific type of drug testing kit. Our company guarantees only the highest quality drug testing products and all of the up to date advice and information you will need for any drug testing program. This in addition to our dedication to efficiency, accuracy, confidentiality, dedication to accuracy and customer service, and quick delivery make us a leader within the drug testing industry.

Anti-Drugs and Anti-Alcohol Posters, FREE from Medimpex United, Inc.

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All drug test products are intended for preliminary screening purposes. We strongly recommended that accredited laboratory testing is utilized to determine any positive test result. Medimpex United Inc. provides laboratory confirmation services such as these, as well.



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