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Pregnancy Test Kit

Pregnancy is the important period of time in a woman life. There are a variety of fertility (Ovulation and Pregnancy) home test kits related to ovulation cycle and Pregnancy, from the conceiving time to the Pregnancy.
What for you are looking signs of pregnancy?
You are first who need to know if you are pregnant or not.
Our hCG Pregnancy Test Kits could place an end to your doubts. Our hCG Pregnancy Tests are very sensitive and will provide you with the earliest and most accurate results. In addition to being cost effective it will ease your mind by revealing to you the earliest signs of pregnancy. It will be your most valuable detection tool. Why do you ask are these product better than others like it? Our early detection urine pregnancy test kits are completely fast and discrete, it fits in your purse and can be used in the privacy of your home, and most importantly it is precise and easy to read. You will not be sitting there staring at the any sign of pregnancy and wondering what this means. If you perform the test correctly the results will come out to be 99% accurate. If you have a positive result, you need to see your health care provider.All Hcg Tests are CLIA waived.

Signs of Pregnancy or Early Pregnancy Test? Read It.
It is a brief description of common signs of pregnancy and our suggestions how to use an early pregnancy test kit

Pregnancy Midstream Urine Test Pack of 5
Pregnancy Midstream Urine Test Pack of 5

Pregnancy  Dipstrip Urine Test Pack of 6 Pregnancy Test Strips
Pregnancy Dipstrip Urine Test Pack of 6 Pregnancy Test Strips

Early Pregnancy Dip Urine Test
Early Pregnancy Dip Urine Test

Hcg Pregnancy Test Urine Cassette
Hcg Pregnancy Test Urine Cassette

hCG Pregnancy  Midstream Urine Test Kit
hCG Pregnancy Midstream Urine Test Kit

Pregnancy Midstream Urine Test Pack of 10
Pregnancy Midstream Urine Test Pack of 10

105 ml Specimen collection cup
105 ml Specimen collection cup

UTI Urinary Tract Infection 3 Tests Kit
UTI Urinary Tract Infection 3 Tests Kit

hCG Pregnancy test kit is routinely used to confirm Pregnancy. An hCG Pregnancy urine test is ordered as early as 5-10 days after a missed menstrual period if a woman wishes to confirm whether or not she is pregnant. In non-pregnant women, hCG levels are normally undetectable. During early Pregnancy, the hCG level in the blood doubles every two to three days. In most cases, pregnancy test kit results are reported as "positive" or "negative".
You can perform these simple one-step home Pregnancy test kits within the comfort and privacy of your home or office. These home Pregnancy test kits are easy to use, fast, and accurate. We carry the highest quality; FDA approved Pregnancy test kit made by finest and reputable manufacturers of home test kits.

Inserts / Instructions for Pregnancy Urine Test Kits

Please read enclosed insert before use. Actual package may look different than pictured here.


Medimpex Inc.

Comparison chart for pregnancy tests (from Internet sources):

Brand and Price*

Minimum hCG detected (mIU)

Pregnancy Test from Medimpex United Inc. (*est. from $0.99)


Be Sure One Step (*est. $5.99)


Confirm 1-Step (*est. $6.99, or $13.99 for 2-pak)


CVS (*est. $7.39)


e.p.t. (*est. $10.59, or $14.99 for 2-pak)


Clearblue Easy One-Step (*est. $12.99, or $16.99 for 2-pak)


Answer (*est. $7.29)


First Response (*est. $12.99)


Fact Plus (*est. $12.33)

150 to 250

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All drug test products are intended for preliminary screening purposes. We strongly recommended that accredited laboratory testing is utilized to determine any positive test result. Medimpex United Inc. provides laboratory confirmation services such as these, as well.



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