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QTEST™ hCG Pregnancy Urine Dip Stick Test

For simple yes or no hCG Pregnancy test, people preferred to buy a dipstick pregnancy test, and you can have four possible conclusions - a true positive result, a false positive result, a true negative result, or a false negative result.
Someone who talks about the "accuracy" of a test is almost always referring to the "sensitivity" - the percentage of positive results that are actually detected. This is the ratio of true positive results to the total of true positives plus false negatives (e.g., of all the pregnant women who take the test, how many will it actually say are pregnant?).
Accuracy of our QTEST™ hCG Pregnancy Urine Dip Stick Test is over 95%

QTEST™ hCG Pregnancy Urine Dip Stick Test

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QTEST™ hCG Pregnancy Urine Dip Stick Test

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