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Conception Planning: Ovulation Testing Kit

Successful ovulation in the past was a case of hit and miss with people leaving it to fate to determine whether they do get a child or not. Fortunately, with the advent of advances in our understanding of human anatomy and how conception is greatly dependent on timing doctors have been able to predict and provide the best scheduling of conception that leads to pregnancy. Ovulation test work by detecting the levels of LH in urine that contains the compound as it is released from the body along with other by-products. The use of Ovulation testing kits allows you to monitor the levels of LH that gives a good indicator of the best time to conceive and get pregnant. Ovulation depends greatly on Y-shaped antibodies that are normally produced to destroy invaders to the human body. Viruses, bacteria and any other foreign matter is attacked and destroyed by these antibodies and then passed onto as waste and disposed of in urine.

The ovulation test kit usually takes a form similar to a pregnancy test kit where the test strip is dipped into a sample of urine and it travels up a test strip made of an absorbent material. The material that is used is treated with specific antibodies that bind to the LH present in the urine sample and reacts changing color in the process which gives the visual clue to the presence of the said hormone. The rest of the unbound antibodies flow up further the test kit to activate the control stripe that serves to assure that the test kit is working properly and that it has detected the LH present in the urine sample.

The use of these kits is best after one has charted properly and accurately the menstrual cycle that varies from individual to individual. These charts are available along with the necessary explanations on many web pages that discuss pregnancy and ovulation on the internet. The said charting method is also used as the basis for the natural family planning method though affectivity of such methods are greatly debated by many parties so depending on your choice use the chart just to be sure and safe.

The sample of urine is either dripped into the test kit or the test strip is the one that gets dipped into the collected urine. The mid-stream type is also available and all these types can return results in as short as 5 minutes. The charts usually determine the optimal time for conception giving the user the highest probability of conception. Testing should be done with the days first urine that has not been influenced by any external factor. Testing at other times of the day can be done but may be influenced by food, fluids and medication that has been tested but almost all of these test kits claim that they are not susceptible to influence by other factors. But they still recommend the day’s first urine sample to be the best one to use the test on.

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Conception Planning: Ovulation Testing Kit

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