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Oral Fluid (saliva) Drug Test Laboratory Confirmation

Laboratory LC/MS drug test confirmation available now with any of our saliva based on-site drug testing kits.

Saliva rapid drug tests belong to the forensic testing category. As is the case with urine based testing, saliva based instant devices require
confirmation from a laboratory for all non-negative results.

This is a service we will provide for you. If you get a non-negative result with your rapid saliva drug test, please put the kit into the
specimen bag, seal it with the adhesive label and ship it 2 day FedEx ground to the address provided in the test package. No additional sample
is required, just the test kit itself.

In 2 to 3 days after your package arrives at the lab, we will provide you with the confirmation results. By your request, we will report the
results by fax or email. Please don't forget to order MRO service if you need it. Shipping method you choose and pay for yourself.

Pay attention: When you send saliva specimen, please mark in the Chain of Custody form Preliminary Positive Drugs, that need to be confirmed. Or your specimen will be rejected!

Oral Fluid (saliva) Drug Test Laboratory Confirmation

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Oral Fluid (saliva) Drug Test Laboratory Confirmation

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