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Pre-Calibrated Alcohol Sensor Module

Now you don't need to calibrate sensor in your alcohol breath detector-digital breathalyzer. The first in the world digital alcohol breathalyzer AlcoPro Prestige have an option just to replace the alcohol breath sensor on to the new, pre-calibrated alcohol sensor.

IMPORTANT: If you purchased your AlcoMate Prestige during November 2007 or later, you must verify whether you have a RED or GREEN sensor module. This can be done by removing the top cap of the Prestige or examining the sensor module's circuit board color through the rear air vent on top of the device. Select please correct option.

Easy Replacement Procedure of Pre-Calibrated Alcohol Breath Sensor(See How To Do It)

Pre-Calibrated Alcohol Sensor Module

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Pre-Calibrated Alcohol Sensor Module

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