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Rapid Diagnostic Strep A Test box of 25 tests

Rapid Diagnostic Strep A Test box of 25 tests

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Product Description
Rapid Diagnostic Strep A Test detects the presence of streptococcus bacteria within five minutes. This is quicker that the conventional throat culture that takes days to acquire results. Group A streptococcus bacteria are spotted by the said device.

The use of Strep A rapid diagnostic test leads to a fast diagnosis of throat infections thus lessening the course of illness, its gravity of indications, later complications and the spread to other organs. Such test is quick, efficient and reliable allowing appropriate treatment to be done in only a single visit by the patient. This definitely comes in as a big help for the patient as well to the diagnosing physician in terms of time and effort.

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CPT Codes and Reimbursement Information for the CLIA Waived Test Kits
Test Description
Average Reimbursement National Limit*
CPT Code
Strep A Test Kit Strip or Device $16.76 87880

* - The above listed Average Reimbursement Limit are provided for estimates only and are subject to change and not guaranteed. For the current actual state by state rates schedule, please visit: www.cms.hhs.gov

Strep A Rapid Diagnostic Test (CLIA Waived) is a greatly responsive side flow immunoanalysis for the visual discovery of Group A Streptococcal bacteria. It is an easy, speedy test that is both highly dependable and precise. With just a single step and a few minutes of analysis, the presence of a Strep A bacteria is determined.



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