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Informational Articles

Health related articles by Meditests.com. We would like to present articles related to products sold throw our web site. We will publish articles on monthly bases. If you have a questions related to articles or you would like to us to publish an article related to our web site please let us know our email info@meditests.com

This information is intended to provide a clear and updated guide for everybody who’ll interest to know more about rapid diagnostic products and areas of their application. Drugs abuse counselors, human resource departments, high school coaches, OBGYN, family planning advisers, medical doctors, therapists, physicians, community health agencies, mental health and substance abuse providers who have considered onsite rapid testing as an important instrument in the diagnostic and prevention are our potential readers.

While reading these articles you must keep in mind that all of the products that are mentioned in these materials are available from Medimpex United Inc through our main web site www.meditests.com. Previously, many people has just 2 options – either believes to old lady stories, or go to the doctor with any small doubts and/or suspicious symptoms.

Today, with the latest rapid test kits, which appeared just 10-12 years ago, women could easily predict the best time to conceive or verify early signs of pregnancy. You do not need to have a lot of money, because these in vitro diagnostic products are very affordable for everybody. For instance, Pregnancy test cost today from $0.40 to $2.50 when you going to shop with Medimpex United Inc.

Another important area where applied this technology is the fight against drugs. Here, like at any diagnostic, time is important point. The sooner you’ll recognize the drugs addiction, the more chances you’ll survive this person. We will publish here articles useful for the parents who worried about their teens, for the school principals who does wish healthy life for their students, and of-course for the employer who does not want to have everyday risks with alcohol or drug addicts.

The goal of this paragraph is to provide valuable knowledge about our products, services and their features. After you’ll read it, it could much easier to choose the product or service you need and apply it correct way.

Nicotine (Tobacco Smoking) Addiction

Chain of Custody Forms for Drug Testing

DEA Drug Schedule

Laboratory Hair Drug Testing Follicle

Methamphetamine Use and Abuse

Crack Addiction & How Dangerous Is It?

Propoxyphene (Darvon, Darvocet) Addiction

What Women Need To Know About Ovulation

NIDA 5 Test Kits Drugs Combination

SAMHSA and Substance Abuse Prevention

Ovulation Prediction - Basal Body Temperature

Oral Fluid Saliva Drug Tests Information

High Cholesterol and Heart Risk Factors

How Do Teens Obtain Alcoholic Beverages?

Methods to Cheating and Pass Drug Tests

Group A Streptococcus Throat Rapid Test

Pregnancy Signs / Symptoms Test Options

Hypertonia or High Blood Pressure.

10 Most Common Drugs of Abuse Tested

Rapid Tests Kits Under CLIA Regulations

Conception Planning: Ovulation Testing Kit

Drug Addiction – Problem for Young People

Drug Testing Tackling A Touchy Issue

Tips for Ovulation Testing & Cycle Prediction

Choosing the Right Early Pregnancy Test

College Life - Alcohol & Alcoholism Prevention

Drug Testing: Know Your Rights

Teach Your College Kid About Alcohol Abuse

Synthetic Opioids: Methadone, Buprenorphine

Alcohol Testers and Alco Breathalyzers

Different Types of on-Site Drug Test Devices

How Home Early Pregnancy Tests Works

Drug Testing At Work: Know Where You Stand

Understanding The Woman Menstrual Cycle

How to plan your pregnancy or what you need to know about ovulation.

Laboratory Drug Testing Confirmation Service

How Drugs Can Be Fatal: The Facts

Tests under CLIA
Tests under CLIA

How dangerous is drunk driving?

Drug Addiction – Problem for Young People

Positive and Negative of the Different Types Drug Testing Kits

Check Your Pregnancy Symptoms

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