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5 Panel Mouth Swab Drug Test - Flat Cup (Qty 25)

5 Panel Mouth Swab Drug Test - Flat Cup (Qty 25)

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Product Description
5 Panel Instant Mouth Swab Drug Test - Flat Cup (Qty 25)

Product Description:

  • Flat Cup enables results to be photo copied
  • Non-invasive and eliminates gender observation issues
  • No bathroom facilities required
  • Solves the shy bladder issue
  • Difficult to tamper with or adulterate
  • Ability to supervise multiple test subjects at once
  • Simple one-step process with immediate results


  • Bring tests, specimens, and/or controls to room temperature (60-78F) before use.
  • Donors should not place anything (including food, drink, gum and tobacco products) in their mouth for at least 20 minutes prior to specimen collection.
  • Actively swab the inside of the mouth, (cheek, gums, and tongue) to collect oral fluids for a total of 5 minutes until the sponge becomes fully saturated. NOTE: Do not bite, suck or chew on the sponge.
  • Remove saturated collection swab from mouth and place into the test cup and push the locking flange until it locks into place.
  • Keep test device upright on a flat surface during the test operation
  • Wait for the colored bands to appear in test results area. Read results in 10 minutes.

The list of drugs detectable with this test are as follows:
AMP- Amphetamine, 50 ng/ml - Adderall/Ritalin
COC - Cocaine, 20 ng/ml - Crack
mAMP - Methamphetamine, 50 ng/ml - Meth/Crystal/MDMA
OPI - Opiate, 40 ng/ml - Heroin/Morphine/Codeine
THC - Marijuana, 75 ng/ml - Cannabinoids/Weed/Pot

Positive: One colored line appears in the control (C) region and NO color band appears in the (T) test region. A positive result indicates that the drug concentration exceeds the cut-off level.
Negative: Two colored lines are visible on the test windows. One line appears in the control (C) region, and another line/lines appears in the test region (T) for the drug~s.
Invalid: No band appears in the control region (C). The test is invalid even if there is a band in the test region (T). In this instance, re-testing is recommended.

Additional Information:
Saliva has a faster detection window and will detect drug ingestion almost immediately while other drug detection methods using urine, will take approximately 6-8 hours.

Note: This test is for Employment, Insurance and Forensic use only.



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