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ExPen Basic Kit for Field Explosive Detection

ExPen Basic Kit for Field Explosive Detection

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ExPen Basic Kit for Field Explosive Detection We are an authorized United States distributor for this product. We proudly serve all our customers in US and US governmental institutions located at any other countries. Please contact your local distributors.


ExPen® test kits are a compact version of the widely known ExpRay® and Dropex Plus® explosive residue detection test kits. The ExPen® is packed in special dropper-like pens, with a glass ampoule inside for complete seal and long shelf life. ExPen® explosive detection kits are designed for the tactical field situations that require a fast, accurate, easy to use, easy to read, and easy to carry field test kit. ExPen® kits are available in three configurations:

1. Basic ExPen Kit includes 20 of each category tests, 50 test papers and 1 carrying on-belt case. Detectable explosives are listed below.

  • Polynitro-Aromatics (DDNP, DNT, TNT, Picric Acid)
  • Nitrate-Esters (HMX, Nitro Glycerin, Nitro Guanidine, RDX/C4, Semtex, Smokeless Gun Powder )
  • Inorganic Nitrate Compounds (Black Powder, Ammonium Nitrate, ANFO, Potassium Nitrate, Urea Nitrate)
2. ExPen Plus Kit, which in addition to Basic Kit, detects two more explosives groups, see it below and includes 20 of each tests, 100 test papers and 2 carrying cases.
  • Chlorates/Bromates (Hellhoffite, Lead Iodate, Nitric Acid, Potassium Chlorate, Potassium Permanganate )
  • Peroxide-Based (HMTD, Hydrogen Peroxide, TATP)
3. And the Master ExPen Kit includes 20 of each test, 150 papers for testing and 2 plastic carrying cases. With this option you could detects everything from the ExPen® Plus Kit and some more:
  • Separate test for Urea Nitrate
  • Perchlorates and flash powder
  • Ammonium Nitrate

ExPen Explosive Detection Test Kits



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