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Ketone Reagent Strips for Urinalysis (100 Tests)

Ketone Reagent Strips for Urinalysis  (100 Tests)

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Product Description

Ketone Reagent Strips for Urinalysis (100 Tests)

Ketone Strips provide a fast, convenient way of testing urine for the presence and concentration of acetoacetic acid (ketone). This substance, when found in the urine, provides information on carbohydrate and fat metabolism.
  • For people with diabetes or low-carb dieters
  • Rapid results: Takes from 15 to 30 seconds for results
  • High quality color chart providing consistent, dependable readings
  • Cost Effective: 100 strips per canister, at a great price


  • Collect a fresh urine sample in a clean, dry container preferably glass. First morning samples contain the highest concentration of target markers.
  • Remove one reagent strip from the bottle and immediately replace the container cap, minimizing the exposure of the remaining test strips to light and air.
  • Completely immerse the reagent pads of the strip in the urine sample and then remove immediately to avoid dissolving out the reagent pads. A red line will appear next to the Control (C) region when the wick has absorbed sufficient urine
  • While removing the reagent strip, run the edge of the strip against the rim of the specimen container to remove excess urine. Hold the strip in a horizontal position to prevent possible cross contamination of chemicals located in adjacent reagent pads. Place the cap back on and set the device on a flat level surface
  • Compare the color change of reagent pads to the corresponding color chart on the bottle label. Read results according to the chart's time frame for each panel tested. Read results in minutes.
  • Discuss with your physician or healthcare provider and then discard the used reagent strip.


    Each container of Ketone reagent strips has a color coded chart. The reactive color of each panel on the test strip is compared to the closest corresponding color on the result chart. As with all tests dealing with color intensity or color matching, it is often recommended to obtain another person's interpretation of the test result.

Additional Information

    Ketones: This test reacts with acetoacetic acid in urine. It does not react with acetone or b‑hydroxybutyric acid. Some high specific gravity/low pH urines may give reactions up to and including 'Trace'. Normal urine specimens usually yield negative results with this reagent. False positive results (trace or less) may occur with high pigmented urine specimens or those containing large amounts of levodopa metabolites. Ketone bodies such as acetoacetic acid, beta-hydroxybutyric acid, and acetone can appear in urine in small amounts. These intermediate by-products are associated with the breakdown of fat. Causes: diabetes mellitus, starvation, diarrhea.



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