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Check Your Pregnancy Symptoms

Early Pregnancy Symptoms Needs to be Confirmed by hCG Early Pregnancy Tests

Most pregnant women have to believe in the early pregnancy symptoms, that they heard from their mothers and grandmas.
Some women have no other symptoms of pregnancy excluding missed period. Some women are so busy that they are unconscious about their menstrual period and not remember when they did get their periods last time.

These are the most common early sings (symptoms) of pregnancy:

  • Missed period could indicate your pregnancy.
  • Menstrual period was behind schedule and you had just some mild spotting.
  • Morning sickness and/or nausea first thing are also the sign of pregnancy.
  • Food suddenly starts tastes in a different way and you change your eating habits.
  • You start unexpectedly craving certain foods, because of depletion in minerals.
  • Breasts are tender and seem to become bigger.
  • The brown part of your breasts nipples is becoming darker and larger.
  • Energy level is going to be lower and you are feeling tired all the time.
  • Female mood swings more often, than normal, that occurs in pregnancy.
  • You are urinating more often and there is not pain associated with urination.
  • Headaches also are the symptoms of early pregnancy.

If you decide you are probably pregnant, you can take an Early Pregnancy Test and ask medical advice to confirm pregnancy and discuss your pregnancy plans.

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