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Drug Tests Kits Instructions and Testing Procedure Training
In these links you can find very useful information and instructions how to use tests ( drug tests, ovulation tests, pregnancy tests and all other tests) just click on appropriate category below. Frequently Asking by Managers and Supervisors Questions about Drug Testing:
Q. What the reasons to tell employee that he/she is "not in a condition" to execute his/her job?
A. An employee's objective look; not have of moving coordination; rambling, strange and suspicious behavior; indistinct conversation; and some other factors might demonstrate that employee could not perform job, because of suspicious condition. Also you have to see if person whom you suspect is sleepy, sloppy, and lacking concentration.
Q. How I can to decide whether my employee is in fact under the influence of substance usage (drugs or alcohol)?
A. The rapid testing methods for drug or alcohol used to find the presence of alcohol and drugs and their metabolites in a person. You need to know that rapid testing method for drug or alcohol could only give a preliminary result and need to be confirmed with a laboratory later. But accuracy of rapid tests for drug or alcohol usually near 95-99%.
Q. Is drug testing procedure legal?
A. Yes. There is no constitutional or governmental exclusion for an employee’s drug test. You just need to follow the law and procedure regulations.
Q. How accurate is a rapid drug test kits or can have a false drug test results?

A. Modern drug test kits based on the sophisticated methods. The laboratory confirmation by GC/MS of all non-negative drug tests will exclude any false positive results.
Q. How better to organize questioning and testing an employee?
A. It is very significant to invite another administration representative because worker could later try to dispute the testing procedure. It is as well may give you a second opinion.
Q. What you supposed to if a worker arrives with smell of alcohol?
A. Usually the odor of alcohol last longer than their effect. Therefore the existence of an alcohol odor only is not a 100% indication that an employee is drunk. But it is a caution signal that you be supposed to keep an eye on this person and probably check with a test.
Q. What I must to do if a worker not willing to give a suspicious substance for analysis?
A. Ask another workers or manager to be along with suspected person and watch that he/she does not dispose of the suspicious substance. Contact your superior.
Q. What I must to do if I find any drugs?
A. Call your superior and keep the suspicious substance under your direct supervision. Try to inspect who was in the area where you discovery the drugs substance. Follow your company evidence procedure and fill out all needed forms.
Q. What level of substance presence (alcohol or other drugs) could be consider like dangerous?
A. The level of substance abuse is not an issue, but the use of these illegal drugs or alcohol. The problem is that employee's probably could not be ready for duty and any accidents possible even after one beer.
Q. Can the marijuana drug test show the positive result if a person was not a drug user, but he/she was near the people who smoked marijuana?
A. No, because drug testing procedure has detectable cut-off level.

Comparison Chart for Different Types of Rapid Drug Test Kits

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